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Our outside pool is available for use throughout the year thanks to Bahrain’s natural ambient temperatures. The pool is approx. 3.6mtr wide, 7.2mtr long and has a constant 120cm water depth with safe and easy to use access and departure steps. In addition to a semi submerged variable knot swim pump the pool is equipped with an overhead safety and control device. All dogs are pre-showered and provided with correctly fitted bouyancy jackets before entering the pool. All users of the pool are washed, shampooed, showered, towel and air blown dried and health checked after leaving the pool.

Hydrotherapy is excellent for all dogs, particularly those with stiff joints, as it allows gentle physical exercise without putting undue pressure on tender joints.


Swimming enables a non-weight bearing exercise and is the perfect activity for all ages of dog. In addition to their obvious enjoyment splashing about in water, healthy and fit dogs benefit by progressively improving their muscle strength and tone particularly when considering a one minute swim equates to approximately four minutes running; this is also suggested to help reduce high energy level related mis-behaviour.

For dogs with medical conditions or physical impairment, which tend to limit normal concussion exercise, swimming is considered vital for their well being.

Hydrotherapy for dogs is beneficial for numerous conditions & ailments including, but not limited to; hip & elbow dysplasia, spinal injuries & paralysis, cruciate ligament problems, post operative muscle regeneration & maintenance, sprains & breaks, relief of pain, swelling, arthritis & stiffness, obesity & weight management and a general improvement of circulation & joint mobility.

All hydrotherapy sessions are supervised.


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