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Socialisation Services

Dogs are pack animals and are social creatures, therefore they need to interact with humans and dogs outside of their home environment. You wouldn’t confine your child to the house for several years before starting to teach them about the outside world, and the same is true for your dog. Exposing your dog to new things and undertaking socialisation activities with them will engage their senses and exercise their minds. It will help your dog learn to deal with new and different situations and make them better behaved. After leaving their mum and their litter mates, dogs often don’t get much opportunity to interact with other dogs and this can leave them fearful and lead them to behave inappropriately when they do see another dog. Regular socialisation may provide a simple and natural cure for many behavioural problems from being overly dominant to very shy and timid.

We offer socialisation opportunities during Boarding, Play Days and Training, so give us a call to find out more.

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